Flushing and Filtration
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  • Lube Oil Systems: Turbines, Compressor Stations, Diesel Engines and Marine Vessels

  • Hydraulic Systems including “EHC”

  • Fuel Oil Systems: Marine, Power Plant and Petrochemical

  • Cooling Water Systems

  • Oxygen Piping Systems

  •  Oil reclamation/conditioning services

  • Water removal from oils  

Chemical Cleaning, Pickling and Passivation
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Clean Pipe_edited_edited.png
  • Pickling of new and existing Carbon and Stainless Piping

  • Hypo-Chlorination of Potable Water Systems

  • CHT Systems

HVAC and Grease Duct Cleaning
Duct Cleaning.jpg
  • Marine Vessels and Offshore Platforms

  • Industrial Plants and Mills

  • Medical Facilities

  • HVAC Sanitizing

  • Antimicrobial Coating

  • Marine Vessel Air Balancing

Hydrolazing and Lancing
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  • Guarded Lube Oil Piping

  • AFFF Piping

  • Drilling Fluid Transfer Piping

  • Sea Chests and associated Crossover Piping

  • Deck Drains

  • Boiler and Heat Exchanger Tubes

Testing and Inspection
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  • Hydro-static testing up to 30k

  • Laser particle testing of oils 

  • Borescope inspections

Consulting Services
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  • Use our subject matter experts for total project oversight.